01 March 2011

☆Barbie PINK stuffs☆

Do you like Barbie Pink?
I'm sure girls do love It!!XD

This my computer I'm using now.
I'm in love with this color at the shop ;P
The desk is also same color hihi

Vivid pink is Sexy,Rock and cute!!!!!

And here is body cream of Victoria's Secret you know xD
It has awesome design and smell.....
I really wanna collect all of this line*sigh*

Then I sleep in this bed.
Pink leopard is such a HOT!!!
I can see crazy dream every night here hahaha
Someone have good bed cover or pillow??

Good color and design make me happy always.
I'm color crazy lol
Vivid Pink and purple are my favorite yay!
I don't like pastel color or earth color....It's boring for me anyway lol
Ummm but I think common japanese people prefer those calm colors><

Let's enjoy colorful life!!!!XD