04 March 2011


Those are stuffs for celeblating Doll Festival in Japan.
Ama-zake(sweet alchole),Sakura-mochi(rice cake with sakura leaf) and Doll crape? lol

I wanted to buy better stuffs but I live in the night
I couldn't go to any department store *(

Well,I'm on diet so hard....I just ate a little then my bf just ate all.
I respect own traditional,so I thought I should eat bit at least!!

Ummm I want to go to jogging!!
But It's fuckin snowing everyday!!!
everywhere iced and snow!!!!!!!!!
I wish I were living in warm place><

one of my old Purikura pic xD
This jacket is called "Suka-jyan".
I do collect them xD
True suka-jyan is fuckin expensive but super high quality!!
These designs r not printed or machine just by professional sewed!!
And I also like to collect new school Suka-jyan which is very short and tight!!
They mostly have western designs like skull,rose,cross,crown etc....

Goosh It was winter,I wore too much inside lol
It seems fat pig back lololol


  1. I WANT!!!! THANK JACKET!!!!

  2. hehehe you may love it!!!
    lets buy them when you come here!!!