10 March 2011

☆New Training Wear and CDs☆

I found nice wear for training xD
I like to enjoy sports so much,also I do work out to make body.
This wear is made by good material,easy to move and dry!!
But there were only 2sizes-___-
I had to buy M....boobs r smaller than this wear lol
I hate size trouble!!fuck!!!

Ahhh sorry for my simple makeup...almost natural face lol
But Its me.I dont like to show only perfect pictures for people.
its not my style anyway.;P

Here,3 CDs I bought today.
You know,2CDs r old one...because I gave this AYU's Album my friend before..
he just became AYU fan,so I gave It xD
But I want It again....of course lol

"PORNO STAR" of SADS is CHOOO my favorite!!!
I always watch this video clip and look this CD jacket lol
I LOOOOOOVE when Kiyoharu acts like gaijin Rock Star xD
I put this jacket on the wall of my room....and It became messy :(
So I bought new one....Im such a crazy girl haha

Single CD of SADS"DISCO".They released this in last year.
Kiyoharu with new members ne!!
kool song....like an american heavy rock.
An album design seems old phychedelic/hippie Record jacket..dont you think?xD
Kiyoharu really knows many kinda musics.
And good at make It with his taste....amazing talented artist...:)

Someone Kiyohar-freaks there???

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