06 March 2011


Mens Spider,Mens Knucles and Ageha!!!
Ageha will hav sister 7th on thins month!!
I mean that New Ageha for older Age-Jyou will come xD
Some of models of Ageha move to this new magz....
Of course I will buy BOTH Ageha then.
I cant wait to read it!!!!!
ahhh Mens magz for Gyaru-o is such a kool!!!!
Visual-kei and Gyaru-o or Onii-kei r getting no border day by day.
I dont know Its good or bad.

You know,Host guys on the streets talk to girls to get as new customer.
It always pisses me off!!!fuckin bothering to walk..
And they say"hey,Im in Visual kei band.dont u come to my club?"
Normaly I do Mushi(no answer)but I really mad this.
I hate big lies.
So i ask"good.which one?say your band name right now.and tell me who is ur friends."
then they go away.
Its fuckin no manner and un politely!!!!
I do hate those ass holes!!!lol

This pic is just random lol
People say this statue looks like ME!!!!LOLOLOL
But yes i think so too lol

ok Tomorrow,GUILD which is visual kei band from tokyo will come to play!
Some of vk bands in Sapporo will play too xD
Im not sure I can go there or not.... 
I needed to go there as stylist for band here

But so many things i hav to do *sigh*


  1. you know I so envy you ne D: I want these magz too (maybe plus Egg and Ranzuki haha ^^ )~ and damn, I want to go on GUILD's concert again xD ! they're totally cute hahaha

  2. hahaha but I WANT SOME OF MAGZ in oversea!!lol anyway to read some magz is good way to learn fashion xD
    maybe u need some vk magz too?hihi