07 March 2011

☆Me And My Room☆

Whats up?
This is me wearing room wear hihi
I do love purple and babie pink!!
ahh Its fuckin cold winter here...I need to wear many even in my room><
Can you see part of my room?xD
There are Tons of T-shirt,tanktop and camisoles I collected....
Here is one of place for DVDs and VIDEOs..Movies,music clips....many many!!
Especially.my favorite is Videos of SLAYER which is from U.S!!!
My Metal friend looked for them and gave me for my BD present!*yay*

Anyways,I like to collect something SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!
I hav a lot of hobby colletction.xD

Do you have any collection??


  1. Iknow hokkaido get super cold in winter dayo ne!!!! demo i miss it!!! u look hot!!!

  2. Im like Yuki-daruma in winter lol
    Yes,winter is fuckin cold but its fun!!!!!!and better than wet in summer lol