09 March 2011

☆Koakuma Ageha extra☆

I finally got new agehaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
Ummm just awesome!!every models r around in my age xD
I think graphic effect is a LIL bit better than normal ageha LOL
closer to real face haha
But I dont care If Its fake or real,I can try to be beautiful like them xD
Some of them show their husband or babies on the pagesXD
Im lil nervous when I see those pics haha

Speaking of my cigarettes,I ordinally smoke CABIN not this one.
But this new MILD SEVEN D-SPEC is such a good taste!!!
Its very light but feel stronger ;)
Maybe better for my health(dont say stop smoking.lol)
Kool jacket design too.Black and royal blue yay!!
I dont like cigrettes design in pretty pastel pink design with flower lol
Smoking shouldnt be like that.
its not for wonderland just HELL haha
Anyway... the biggest reason I choose this is......A GUY I respect and love deeply changed to this new MS...*sigh*
I dont like to be addicted to someone..but seriously I respect him ALOT.
If I were male,I would live like him.....
omg I wrote such a secret thing of me haha

Girls,plz enjoy being yourself and love yourself!!!!!!!!!


  1. I wanna try Japanese cigs >_< ~! I've heard there are many tastes there (T.T) ~! btw, are they expensive?

    and Oneesan, please, BIGGER pics hahahaa xD ! chuuu <3

  2. yes,we hav many cigs^^but not sweet or strong flaver>< i prefer gaikolu's cigs...expensive ne-_-
    LOL I took pics by my phone,its very high quality but cant send them to my computer with same sizing*sigh*
    I donno why....so im gonna take pics with my degital cam from today!!

  3. i love ageha magazineeee i love this post and your blog are so kawaii!!! i follow you :D
    please fallow me!

  4. thanks!its kinda hard to write blog in english>< haha but i try!!i do my best xD yes i follow ur blog too!!*kiss*