18 April 2011

★Shopping Week!!★

It's Spring Sale everywhere xD
I think I should go to shopping everyday haha
Well,let me show you some hot stuffs!!!!

 Im collecting BATMAN clothes but hard to find...and this is lil bigger size so I need to sew it!!
 This one is very mysterious exotic design.I do love wear those clothes too!!
 This is also too big for me,but good design so Its ok if I cut and sew it lil bit xD

 (Layla Rose,GLAD NEWS)
I used blue and green eyeshadows on my under eyes.
And I used foundation...lol normally I dont wear It,but I wanted to be seen lil sick rock girl.
So I did makeup like this :)
And this jeans also I found this day.good dameged desigen!!
 (Rock Rebel)
I was in love when I found this at the shop!!!!!!
Its written "TREAT ME RIGHT"!!!
(L>P;LIP SERVICE,Vibrand Sparcle,GUILFY)
ahhh I like a scorpion!!!!!(I'll have REAL scorpion in this summer xD)
And finally I could find and get!!!XD
I prefer short lenghth jacket cz Im not taller...and Its sexy ne hihihi
I cant wait to fgo out wearing them!!!(here is still too cold to wear them now-__-)
And I got this 100yen in internet auction lol
I was VERY lucky!!anyways Im a lucky girl for shopping always xD(Just having bad luck for guys lol)

Ummm I need new shoes and boots next time....
And yes!!!!!I need more training to get perfect body!!!
I wanna show my stmach in summer!!hihi

09 April 2011

☆New hair,yay!!☆

My friend made this hair for me.
She did it just for killing time xD
I hav less hair cz my hais is dead cz of heavy breaching.Its damaged alot.so bunch of hair was gone lol I need to get some extensions soon><
I prefer crazy long hair ne!!

08 April 2011

☆Thanks 1000hits☆

 New pictures of me ;D 
☆Leather Jacket;HellCatPunks,
☆Inner;Vibrand sparkle,
☆Baby Burn

 ☆T-shirt,Skirt;GLAD NEWS
This make up is....fuckin boring for me lol But sometimes I enjoy this too haha It's very very natural.....ummmI prefer crazy make up -__-

here,New clothes I got these days.

☆Tanktop;Maison GUILFY

Fitting xD

I do love this jacket(Suka-jyan)soooo much!!
Don't you think It's fuckn sexy and Rockin very much??!!
I can't wait to go to gig to wear this!!
Also I need more muscle training...*sigh*

I use internet auction sometimes.I can get rare clothes in fuckin cheaper!!
Some of new stuffs are all 500~1000yen on an auction I ordinary use xD
If you want to get some Japanese clothes,you can use it.XD

I also like to go to Used Shop.I dont care HOW TO GET WHAT I REALLY WANT.
I look for them so hard and try to find good and rare stuffs everyday(internet,shop,magz...)
But If I cant get something good,I would like to make it by myself.
It doesn't matter brand or price.
The most important thing is to suit on me or not.
And I will be able to use It or not.
Because I am who I am.
You are already have own original brand in you.
Just enjoy fashion like food.
Don't be cheated by clothes.

Girls all can be how they want!!!


06 April 2011


 I visited my friend house...actually he is my ex ex bf lol
He loves animals so much!!Lately,he could get white snake so I went his house to see snake xD
he is very calm and gentle guy.So he looks after his animals better^^;
 He has more cat xD
 I bought this jeans this day lol There are some good clothes shops!!I bought many more-__-
 His name is GUID-kun.
 He is JACK-kun.
 Un-named lol
 and he is TRASHY.I always name his family haha

Anyway,this is his Metal band DEATH WORM.
They already released 1st album from major label.
I DO LOVE their style!!Thier stage is just amazing!!
It's not only serious heavy metal!!kinda HardCore/Thrash/Death.
And all of member is very very shy.polite,and kind you cant imagine^^;
I really hope they will be able to be famous!!xD

05 April 2011

☆Nakajima-Park In Front Of My Apartment☆

 I walk around here when I want to be relaxed....ahh such a peaceful....
 This is an iced lake.there are many birds and fishes!!You can enjoy boating in Summer xD

 This is shrine named"Gokoku-jinjya".which is saving Japan for long time^^

This is river named"Toyohira-gawa(river)".We can see fuckin gorgeous fire works fes every summer here!!

Anyways,there are so beautiful nature in front of my place you can see.But North is a main street with so many shopping places.also famous ligal red light street called"Susukino".Its a safety place!!Don't be scard!!You can enjoy restaurants,bars,karaoke,clubs,gig houses...so many amusement places XD
Well,Sapporo(esp my living place lol) is such a HEAVEN!!!
Visit me!!!

04 April 2011

☆At the down town in Sapporo☆

I just went to the boggest shopping street to buy a present for my sweet.
Im a big collector of Fregrance,and he likes this miracle of LANCOME.
He ordered me to find this instad of him.he's too busy guy..so he said he would pay later.
But he gave me sooooo many all the time not only stuffs...I can do nothing for him.
So I decieded to give him It as my first present for him!!!
Actually,I prefer Men's fregrance lol But Japanese guy sometimes likes to use sweet flavor.
Well,and the shop gave me some samples for cosmes XD Im such a happy to try to use them!!

My favorite WAGASHI!!(Japanese sweets)
Ummm yum yum...
Its very healthy so I can eat them even im on diet hehehe
But most of Japanese young people don't like to eat them><*sad*
They prefer modern snacks..-__-

Whats your favorite sweets?