23 March 2011

☆At The Cigger Shop

I went to My favorite local tabacco shop MOMOYA.
There are so many kinda ciggers and alcholes!!!
The owener asked me"long time no see.how are you?"
I like him so much!!He is very old and always politely and nice to every customer^^
I bought some cigs and he let me choose some bonus(small presents?).
Normally,It is lights,but I found some KAWAII accessories in the box lol
I loudly said"HOW KOOL!?"I cant decided WHICH ONE!!
Then he gave me both lol
Thanks Momoya shop!!!!!

22 March 2011

☆Tokyo Souvenir from My Love☆

My love just came back from Tokyo.and he gave me beautiful sweets xD
He said"a Visual-kei girl must love Rose..."lol
But I think every girl loves ROSE!!!!lol
This sweets have REAL rose petals xD
How cute!!!
Also Im in love with those packages....
So beautiful...

10 March 2011

☆New Training Wear and CDs☆

I found nice wear for training xD
I like to enjoy sports so much,also I do work out to make body.
This wear is made by good material,easy to move and dry!!
But there were only 2sizes-___-
I had to buy M....boobs r smaller than this wear lol
I hate size trouble!!fuck!!!

Ahhh sorry for my simple makeup...almost natural face lol
But Its me.I dont like to show only perfect pictures for people.
its not my style anyway.;P

Here,3 CDs I bought today.
You know,2CDs r old one...because I gave this AYU's Album my friend before..
he just became AYU fan,so I gave It xD
But I want It again....of course lol

"PORNO STAR" of SADS is CHOOO my favorite!!!
I always watch this video clip and look this CD jacket lol
I LOOOOOOVE when Kiyoharu acts like gaijin Rock Star xD
I put this jacket on the wall of my room....and It became messy :(
So I bought new one....Im such a crazy girl haha

Single CD of SADS"DISCO".They released this in last year.
Kiyoharu with new members ne!!
kool song....like an american heavy rock.
An album design seems old phychedelic/hippie Record jacket..dont you think?xD
Kiyoharu really knows many kinda musics.
And good at make It with his taste....amazing talented artist...:)

Someone Kiyohar-freaks there???

☆Jeans,T-shirts And Boots☆

I got some clothes yesterday.
Vintage T-shirts and white boots.
T-shirts r lil bigger for me.so I need cutting or sewing.xD
 I like to re-make those clothes ;)
And CO&LU jeans.
Its first time to buy their products(also thick jeans) lol
 But I try to dress up casual Rock style.
 Maybe people dont like it lol
 I need to wear it with hip bones xD
 I hav to loose my weight more-__-
But Diet is fun!!
Its so hard to find good size boots for me...
I just tried to wear at shop,because I thought Its lil smaller to me.*(
And It fit my foots yayyy!!!
Mirracle happened!!haha
I felt Im Rock Cindellera!!LOL
I LOOOVE white stuffs for fashion!!
White is also ROCK color too.xD

09 March 2011

☆Koakuma Ageha extra☆

I finally got new agehaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
Ummm just awesome!!every models r around in my age xD
I think graphic effect is a LIL bit better than normal ageha LOL
closer to real face haha
But I dont care If Its fake or real,I can try to be beautiful like them xD
Some of them show their husband or babies on the pagesXD
Im lil nervous when I see those pics haha

Speaking of my cigarettes,I ordinally smoke CABIN not this one.
But this new MILD SEVEN D-SPEC is such a good taste!!!
Its very light but feel stronger ;)
Maybe better for my health(dont say stop smoking.lol)
Kool jacket design too.Black and royal blue yay!!
I dont like cigrettes design in pretty pastel pink design with flower lol
Smoking shouldnt be like that.
its not for wonderland just HELL haha
Anyway... the biggest reason I choose this is......A GUY I respect and love deeply changed to this new MS...*sigh*
I dont like to be addicted to someone..but seriously I respect him ALOT.
If I were male,I would live like him.....
omg I wrote such a secret thing of me haha

Girls,plz enjoy being yourself and love yourself!!!!!!!!!

08 March 2011

☆Some Goodies I Got Today☆

I just walked around outside today.
It was fuckin cold but I need Sun light....-_______-
My place is such a fun.Never feel bored!!
I bought veggies and fruits at super maket.
And I bought Magazine,CD album and DVD.
This nagazine named SO-EN which is about clothes,fashion design,sewing and some kinda art works.
I sometimes buy this and try to make new clothes ;P
Like this...Im very very magz crazy lol
Tons of magz in my room so I need scrap them few times on a year.
I organize them as like Clothes,Make-up,Hair to do filing....

Okey,next is Album of AYU!!!!
My Japanese Godness AYUUUUUU!!!!XD
Its last album not new one....Dont tell me Its too late to buy lol
Im a HUGE fan of Music,so hav to buy many artist haha
Anyway girls need more money than guys *sigh*
But Its ok,Im SO happy about being GIRL.

And last topic is about that DVD.
You guys know JUON??
Ive heard Its famous also in oversea ;)
I found this at used shop.
Price was about 3doller!!lol
I thought Holy shit!!
Because Its Delux ver.DVD design and package r AMAZING beautiful.
And perfect condition as new one.....
I just run to casher haha
To tell the truth,I prefer original ver of JUON,but I wanna keep both.
I love those kinda movies.
CD and DVD's jacket design is also ART!!!!Dont you think??
My favorite taste is dark or sexy.
Umm dark and sexy the best lol

What is your favorite movie??

I found old pic again.
Ahh I wanna be gorgeous face like western girls><

07 March 2011

☆Me And My Room☆

Whats up?
This is me wearing room wear hihi
I do love purple and babie pink!!
ahh Its fuckin cold winter here...I need to wear many even in my room><
Can you see part of my room?xD
There are Tons of T-shirt,tanktop and camisoles I collected....
Here is one of place for DVDs and VIDEOs..Movies,music clips....many many!!
Especially.my favorite is Videos of SLAYER which is from U.S!!!
My Metal friend looked for them and gave me for my BD present!*yay*

Anyways,I like to collect something SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!
I hav a lot of hobby colletction.xD

Do you have any collection??

06 March 2011


Mens Spider,Mens Knucles and Ageha!!!
Ageha will hav sister 7th on thins month!!
I mean that New Ageha for older Age-Jyou will come xD
Some of models of Ageha move to this new magz....
Of course I will buy BOTH Ageha then.
I cant wait to read it!!!!!
ahhh Mens magz for Gyaru-o is such a kool!!!!
Visual-kei and Gyaru-o or Onii-kei r getting no border day by day.
I dont know Its good or bad.

You know,Host guys on the streets talk to girls to get as new customer.
It always pisses me off!!!fuckin bothering to walk..
And they say"hey,Im in Visual kei band.dont u come to my club?"
Normaly I do Mushi(no answer)but I really mad this.
I hate big lies.
So i ask"good.which one?say your band name right now.and tell me who is ur friends."
then they go away.
Its fuckin no manner and un politely!!!!
I do hate those ass holes!!!lol

This pic is just random lol
People say this statue looks like ME!!!!LOLOLOL
But yes i think so too lol

ok Tomorrow,GUILD which is visual kei band from tokyo will come to play!
Some of vk bands in Sapporo will play too xD
Im not sure I can go there or not.... 
I needed to go there as stylist for band here

But so many things i hav to do *sigh*

04 March 2011


Those are stuffs for celeblating Doll Festival in Japan.
Ama-zake(sweet alchole),Sakura-mochi(rice cake with sakura leaf) and Doll crape? lol

I wanted to buy better stuffs but I live in the night
I couldn't go to any department store *(

Well,I'm on diet so hard....I just ate a little then my bf just ate all.
I respect own traditional,so I thought I should eat bit at least!!

Ummm I want to go to jogging!!
But It's fuckin snowing everyday!!!
everywhere iced and snow!!!!!!!!!
I wish I were living in warm place><

one of my old Purikura pic xD
This jacket is called "Suka-jyan".
I do collect them xD
True suka-jyan is fuckin expensive but super high quality!!
These designs r not printed or machine just by professional sewed!!
And I also like to collect new school Suka-jyan which is very short and tight!!
They mostly have western designs like skull,rose,cross,crown etc....

Goosh It was winter,I wore too much inside lol
It seems fat pig back lololol

01 March 2011

☆Barbie PINK stuffs☆

Do you like Barbie Pink?
I'm sure girls do love It!!XD

This my computer I'm using now.
I'm in love with this color at the shop ;P
The desk is also same color hihi

Vivid pink is Sexy,Rock and cute!!!!!

And here is body cream of Victoria's Secret you know xD
It has awesome design and smell.....
I really wanna collect all of this line*sigh*

Then I sleep in this bed.
Pink leopard is such a HOT!!!
I can see crazy dream every night here hahaha
Someone have good bed cover or pillow??

Good color and design make me happy always.
I'm color crazy lol
Vivid Pink and purple are my favorite yay!
I don't like pastel color or earth color....It's boring for me anyway lol
Ummm but I think common japanese people prefer those calm colors><

Let's enjoy colorful life!!!!XD