18 May 2011

Toxic Garden: ★DEATHGAZE GIG★

Toxic Garden: ★DEATHGAZE GIG★: " Hi there^^Im still afraid that Blogger has some problems or not...I miss comments from you guys><*sigh* Anyway,I went to gig of DEATHGAZE ..."


 Hi there^^Im still afraid that Blogger has some problems or not...I miss comments from you guys><*sigh*
 Anyway,I went to gig of DEATHGAZE and COCKLOBIN.I didnt know them lol But now I looooove DEATHGAZE so much!!!!!XD They have enough quality to play and lil like nu-metal or....emo?lol well,emo in good way i mean lol their sound is really heavier and louder.I enjoyed alot. 

 And after gig we went to Izakaya^^
 Thank you for coming Colin!!!XD It was the first gig for him in Japan^^We r Metal friend lol but he was really enjoyed this gig today.so Im so happy to hear that!!!
 The vocalist of DEATHGAZE was watching and screaming at Colin all the time.so we laughed alot!!I told him that vocalist must tease him hahaha
 Well,other 2 of my friends(from scotland)visited to this gig too!!Regrettably,they left earlier><
LOLOLOL I did stupid mistake for spelling LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
ITS "KRAPS HALL"!!!!!!!!!IM AN IDIOT.......

 I wanna invite more friends from oversea.....><
 Ahhh I have many pics I took recently....I have to up sooner^^;
Thank you so much for visiting my blog today too!!;D
Have a great fashionable day girls!!!!

15 May 2011



some of comments and my repley r gone!!!
Im fuckin shocked now.....

sometimes happen those shits?!!!!
omg i cant believe.....

12 May 2011


 I cut my hair yay!!!XD
and I used MAC SHEERTONE BLUSH"Celebrity Pink"with limited edition.
How cute metalic pink package is!!!
 And after coloring.
I need to bleach my hair before color but i just wanted to put some colors I have in my place...
 I use 3colors,blue,purple and red.its not vivid yet cz i only do it once!!
AHHHH i fuckin hate my strong black hair ><I need to bleach fuckin many times hahaha
 This is my first tyring to draw this eyeblows!!
Generally i prefer to have Visual kei thinner shapes for my eyeblows.
or more gothic style.but i dont need to show stronger or tough anymore now^^haha
sometimes I wanna enjoy a calm crazy girl now hihihi

 Ahhh I want to make hair styling...but i thought i should let my hair relaxed today....
I dont wanna myhair damaged anymore!!
So forgive my messy boring hair pictures xD

 BTW I wanna try to use hair color of overseas....
cz Its more vivid!!XD
(Oh but my hair still hav ash color,this is also why color didnt work well this time xD
But general ppl prefer those dark colors lol)
Anyway,I will bleach my hair(only for fuckin regrowth parts)sooner and put some vivid colors...
I was just feeling to change at moment^^

Thank you for following my blog today too guys!!^^
I'm always happy that people know my life xD
There are so many gorgeous blogs here.
I need much more time to follow all stunning girls blog here ;)
And I wish my English were better....and If I could know more languages....

I hope every girls enjoy makeup and fashion today too!!!


10 May 2011

★Pictures of My Life★

 Around my place xD Im walking here to be relaxed^^

This Maya must order to Shiotou-God like
"Please make me beautiful.Give me more inspiration,Find me good guy...and...."
 A bad girl at the shrine xD
 SASHIMIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!Thanks Sea Gods!!they always give us healthy good food xD

 I found new Curry shop!!!Its sooooo yummy and cheap XD
 I ate this Tea-pudding at the restaurant.
Seems so pretty,doesnt it?!
Healthy,beautiful and yummy....Its Japanese food!!XD
And I found this Poster at the famous department store named"PARCO"in sapporo!!!
I do loveeeeeee Barbie shop!!!!!!!
Soooo Pretty as hell!!!
Thank you for following/visiting my blog today ;D
I want to show more about Japan and my life...
I try to do my best for that xD
And I need some better pictures of me lol Its always crappy and messy so much(T^T)

Have a beautiful day and I hope every girl will be happier  XD

08 May 2011

★Welcome to Izakaya restaurant★

 This is my favorite restaurant named"Hanbey".It's kinda old school ;D
I looooove 60's~80's culture alot!!
And every food and drink r fuckin cheaper you cant imagine lol
 Sometimes,I take my Western friends here xD
They always enjoy here so much :)
 Everything Everywhere totally looks like old age I cant believe!!!!
 Those are Japanese sweets,candies,snaks and toys for kidsxD
I've bought those stuffs when I was kid.haha
You can buy them here too :D
 YAYYY!!!Ugly face Maya is happy now lol

Well,I dont dress up so much when I go out,these days><
These are pictures I took today xD
I wanna go out~~~XD

Thank you for following my blog^^
Have A Happy Rockin Day!!!!CHUUU!!!

05 May 2011


This is "Fever-X"!!!!!
But I dont play any Pachinco-machine...
I just watch it haha
But It seems SOOOO FUN!!!
 My favorite Slot machine"JUGGLER".XD
It's simple and easy game!!
Annnnnd!!!!This is Koda Kumi's Pachinco machine!!!
So sexy neeeee★(But I dont play...)

New underground shopping area in sapporo ;)
We dont need to walk in snow/rainy day any more!!
 It was early morning haha
No one there ^^;
 New eye lashes.I became lil bit natural hehe
This type of eye lashes seem more dolly I think...
Ummm I need under eyelashes,too..
Thank you for visiting my blog :;D

02 May 2011

★Lazy Update...Maya sorry lol★

 Its too late to update lol so sorry!I didnt imagine many peopl read my blog!!
Im so happy to receive comments xD
Well. those are magz I got LAST MONTH LOL
"egg" has FUCKIN AWESOME mirror in!!!Its SOOOOO CUTE dont you think?XD

And my new pics ;)
Im liking "un-healthy face"in these days haha
I went to Election!!
Its our Right and Duty also!!
I always go to Voting with gorgeous clothes and makeup every time!!hahaha
Ummm I need new piercing!!