05 May 2011


This is "Fever-X"!!!!!
But I dont play any Pachinco-machine...
I just watch it haha
But It seems SOOOO FUN!!!
 My favorite Slot machine"JUGGLER".XD
It's simple and easy game!!
Annnnnd!!!!This is Koda Kumi's Pachinco machine!!!
So sexy neeeee★(But I dont play...)

New underground shopping area in sapporo ;)
We dont need to walk in snow/rainy day any more!!
 It was early morning haha
No one there ^^;
 New eye lashes.I became lil bit natural hehe
This type of eye lashes seem more dolly I think...
Ummm I need under eyelashes,too..
Thank you for visiting my blog :;D


  1. I love your eyelashes! They're very pretty!

    All these machines look like fun. I've never played anything like that!

  2. aww how cool!!!! soooo colorful!!!! and you look super cute by the way!

  3. Anonymous7/5/11 22:37

    yeah u look great ! ^^

  4. EЯI ♡ chan>>thank you so much^^hahaha plz dont play those games in jp lol(actually it has bad image for ppl) my friends never know i play them hihihi im such a bad girl!!!

    Kilala Michi>>arigatooo!we love colorful stuffs always ne!!and kirakira stuffs!!xD

    Maria chan>>thanks alot maria chan!!!!but u r great too!!stay beautiful ne!!