10 May 2011

★Pictures of My Life★

 Around my place xD Im walking here to be relaxed^^

This Maya must order to Shiotou-God like
"Please make me beautiful.Give me more inspiration,Find me good guy...and...."
 A bad girl at the shrine xD
 SASHIMIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!Thanks Sea Gods!!they always give us healthy good food xD

 I found new Curry shop!!!Its sooooo yummy and cheap XD
 I ate this Tea-pudding at the restaurant.
Seems so pretty,doesnt it?!
Healthy,beautiful and yummy....Its Japanese food!!XD
And I found this Poster at the famous department store named"PARCO"in sapporo!!!
I do loveeeeeee Barbie shop!!!!!!!
Soooo Pretty as hell!!!
Thank you for following/visiting my blog today ;D
I want to show more about Japan and my life...
I try to do my best for that xD
And I need some better pictures of me lol Its always crappy and messy so much(T^T)

Have a beautiful day and I hope every girl will be happier  XD


  1. baka, you're always pretty and very beautiful and you know that sister <3 !

  2. you are so beautiful ; A ;♥
    And the shrine looks so nice.
    The food = yummy♥
    I wish the European food were as healthy as the Japanese food ;_;

  3. Miru chan>>ahh I AM BAKA I KNOWWW!!!but im not beautiful anyway lol ppl here say to me ugly always xD

    ゆきちゃん>>yea the shrine is nice and food is yummy!here is maybe heaven xD eating healthy food is very important ne!!!!take care of urself^^stay beautiful like snow as ur name!!

  4. Maya!! I love your gray lenses! What kind of lenses are them?
    Thank you for showing us more about your Japanese life :P
    I would have liked living there, but my parents came here instead of stay in Japan =_=