08 May 2011

★Welcome to Izakaya restaurant★

 This is my favorite restaurant named"Hanbey".It's kinda old school ;D
I looooove 60's~80's culture alot!!
And every food and drink r fuckin cheaper you cant imagine lol
 Sometimes,I take my Western friends here xD
They always enjoy here so much :)
 Everything Everywhere totally looks like old age I cant believe!!!!
 Those are Japanese sweets,candies,snaks and toys for kidsxD
I've bought those stuffs when I was kid.haha
You can buy them here too :D
 YAYYY!!!Ugly face Maya is happy now lol

Well,I dont dress up so much when I go out,these days><
These are pictures I took today xD
I wanna go out~~~XD

Thank you for following my blog^^
Have A Happy Rockin Day!!!!CHUUU!!!


  1. Hello!
    My name is Sarah and I'm a new follower (^O^)
    I think your blog is very interesting and cool (・∀・)

  2. sarah chan>>hello!ty for following my blog!!XD i didnt imagine ppl follow my blog xD im super happy now!!I follow ur blog too^^