18 May 2011


 Hi there^^Im still afraid that Blogger has some problems or not...I miss comments from you guys><*sigh*
 Anyway,I went to gig of DEATHGAZE and COCKLOBIN.I didnt know them lol But now I looooove DEATHGAZE so much!!!!!XD They have enough quality to play and lil like nu-metal or....emo?lol well,emo in good way i mean lol their sound is really heavier and louder.I enjoyed alot. 

 And after gig we went to Izakaya^^
 Thank you for coming Colin!!!XD It was the first gig for him in Japan^^We r Metal friend lol but he was really enjoyed this gig today.so Im so happy to hear that!!!
 The vocalist of DEATHGAZE was watching and screaming at Colin all the time.so we laughed alot!!I told him that vocalist must tease him hahaha
 Well,other 2 of my friends(from scotland)visited to this gig too!!Regrettably,they left earlier><
LOLOLOL I did stupid mistake for spelling LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
ITS "KRAPS HALL"!!!!!!!!!IM AN IDIOT.......

 I wanna invite more friends from oversea.....><
 Ahhh I have many pics I took recently....I have to up sooner^^;
Thank you so much for visiting my blog today too!!;D
Have a great fashionable day girls!!!!

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