08 March 2011

☆Some Goodies I Got Today☆

I just walked around outside today.
It was fuckin cold but I need Sun light....-_______-
My place is such a fun.Never feel bored!!
I bought veggies and fruits at super maket.
And I bought Magazine,CD album and DVD.
This nagazine named SO-EN which is about clothes,fashion design,sewing and some kinda art works.
I sometimes buy this and try to make new clothes ;P
Like this...Im very very magz crazy lol
Tons of magz in my room so I need scrap them few times on a year.
I organize them as like Clothes,Make-up,Hair to do filing....

Okey,next is Album of AYU!!!!
My Japanese Godness AYUUUUUU!!!!XD
Its last album not new one....Dont tell me Its too late to buy lol
Im a HUGE fan of Music,so hav to buy many artist haha
Anyway girls need more money than guys *sigh*
But Its ok,Im SO happy about being GIRL.

And last topic is about that DVD.
You guys know JUON??
Ive heard Its famous also in oversea ;)
I found this at used shop.
Price was about 3doller!!lol
I thought Holy shit!!
Because Its Delux ver.DVD design and package r AMAZING beautiful.
And perfect condition as new one.....
I just run to casher haha
To tell the truth,I prefer original ver of JUON,but I wanna keep both.
I love those kinda movies.
CD and DVD's jacket design is also ART!!!!Dont you think??
My favorite taste is dark or sexy.
Umm dark and sexy the best lol

What is your favorite movie??

I found old pic again.
Ahh I wanna be gorgeous face like western girls><


  1. I'm a huge Ayu fan. I love her!

  2. yay!!she is wonderful artist ever!!!!!I do LOOOOVE her!!