28 February 2011


You guys love Purikura??

Its fun to take and collect them xD
When I was in elementary school,It got out.
Then many many Japanese girls do it ;P

Gyarus hav Purikura Album(we call It Puri-chou).
We keep Purikura stickers and decorate albums.
And show to friends.

Before I've taken Puri everyday after school.
But now not so much haha
Because my friends got married,working stopped being fashionable....
It's so sad for me....i'm still being myself.

Normaly,gyarus or visual-kei fashion people graduate style after 20-25yo.
Then they change style to more simple and casual.
We believe that It means to be adlut.
I'm such a kid hahaha

How about your country??
At least,they seem they can hav blonde or brown hair to work lol

I will put older Purikuras pics(when i was young haha)in this blog xD

I'm looking for friends who wanna exchange Purikura (>o<)
Just contact me anytime!!


  1. cute maya! i love your puri puri!!!

  2. thank you so much!!
    purikura is much fun!!