26 February 2011

finally lol

long time no writing since i got account for this haha

my health isnt good enough so ive been sick again><
but now i became better xD

here,Saporo city is fuckin cold now!!!!
easy to cacth a cold...*sigh*
BUT my city is such a beautiful!!
Tokyo isnt an only place in japan,u know?  *(

i will write about my life in Sapporo.
there r so many hot places and ppl XD

btw i do love to change my hair.
this is new pics of me hehe

 i will put some vivid color later..I really wanna hav purple!!
anyway my natural color is asian black><
so its hard to dye my hair.....
and i repaired dorders of my hair too!!

do you like to change ur hair??


  1. I'm ill right now. I have a really bad cold. I hope your health is really good now!

    I love your hair colour. It looks really good on you. I love to change my hair colour. I'm a natural blonde, but I dyed my hair bright blonde, almost white. Then afterwards I dyed it brunette until now and now I have red hair.

  2. oh so sorry for you><
    be careful your health alot ne XD
    im getting much better than before,thanks^^

    oh you're a natural blonde?i guess its easy to dye your hair isnt it?xD
    red hair must be hot!!!just tell me when u change ur hair ne!!!
    anyway ur pic is so cute!!kawaii!!chu

  3. I love this Japanese style!! *_*
    I love your jackets, your hair... *_*
    I follow you! Tell us more about "yanki" Japanese people please :P