08 April 2011

☆Thanks 1000hits☆

 New pictures of me ;D 
☆Leather Jacket;HellCatPunks,
☆Inner;Vibrand sparkle,
☆Baby Burn

 ☆T-shirt,Skirt;GLAD NEWS
This make up is....fuckin boring for me lol But sometimes I enjoy this too haha It's very very natural.....ummmI prefer crazy make up -__-

here,New clothes I got these days.

☆Tanktop;Maison GUILFY

Fitting xD

I do love this jacket(Suka-jyan)soooo much!!
Don't you think It's fuckn sexy and Rockin very much??!!
I can't wait to go to gig to wear this!!
Also I need more muscle training...*sigh*

I use internet auction sometimes.I can get rare clothes in fuckin cheaper!!
Some of new stuffs are all 500~1000yen on an auction I ordinary use xD
If you want to get some Japanese clothes,you can use it.XD

I also like to go to Used Shop.I dont care HOW TO GET WHAT I REALLY WANT.
I look for them so hard and try to find good and rare stuffs everyday(internet,shop,magz...)
But If I cant get something good,I would like to make it by myself.
It doesn't matter brand or price.
The most important thing is to suit on me or not.
And I will be able to use It or not.
Because I am who I am.
You are already have own original brand in you.
Just enjoy fashion like food.
Don't be cheated by clothes.

Girls all can be how they want!!!



  1. I really love your blog!
    You are Japanese, right? Your English is awesome! :D
    I love love love suka-jyan and girls/people who wears them.
    Have you seen the dorama "Majisuka Gakuen"? I love that kind of bad girls ahaha!
    Thanks for followen my blog too!

  2. Mikirin~☆>this is to late to answer here sorry lol yes im jpn>< i wish i could speak eng and more langs better....hahaha Majisuka Gakuen is popular here just im not a type to watch it LOL suka-jyan is awesome!!there r many kinda designs.I wanna collect them all!!hahahha
    anyway Yoroshiku ne!!^^