04 April 2011

☆At the down town in Sapporo☆

I just went to the boggest shopping street to buy a present for my sweet.
Im a big collector of Fregrance,and he likes this miracle of LANCOME.
He ordered me to find this instad of him.he's too busy guy..so he said he would pay later.
But he gave me sooooo many all the time not only stuffs...I can do nothing for him.
So I decieded to give him It as my first present for him!!!
Actually,I prefer Men's fregrance lol But Japanese guy sometimes likes to use sweet flavor.
Well,and the shop gave me some samples for cosmes XD Im such a happy to try to use them!!

My favorite WAGASHI!!(Japanese sweets)
Ummm yum yum...
Its very healthy so I can eat them even im on diet hehehe
But most of Japanese young people don't like to eat them><*sad*
They prefer modern snacks..-__-

Whats your favorite sweets?


  1. i like ur blog o muuuch!!<3
    i follow u!! >___<

  2. heyy!thanks for ur sweet comment☆
    i like ur pirikura so much!!
    yoroshiku ne!

  3. I want to try some!!!! when i go see you, we could try some!!! come shop with me!!!!

  4. yea!!we need shopping alot here!!cant wait to go out with u!!