05 April 2011

☆Nakajima-Park In Front Of My Apartment☆

 I walk around here when I want to be relaxed....ahh such a peaceful....
 This is an iced lake.there are many birds and fishes!!You can enjoy boating in Summer xD

 This is shrine named"Gokoku-jinjya".which is saving Japan for long time^^

This is river named"Toyohira-gawa(river)".We can see fuckin gorgeous fire works fes every summer here!!

Anyways,there are so beautiful nature in front of my place you can see.But North is a main street with so many shopping places.also famous ligal red light street called"Susukino".Its a safety place!!Don't be scard!!You can enjoy restaurants,bars,karaoke,clubs,gig houses...so many amusement places XD
Well,Sapporo(esp my living place lol) is such a HEAVEN!!!
Visit me!!!

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