06 April 2011


 I visited my friend house...actually he is my ex ex bf lol
He loves animals so much!!Lately,he could get white snake so I went his house to see snake xD
he is very calm and gentle guy.So he looks after his animals better^^;
 He has more cat xD
 I bought this jeans this day lol There are some good clothes shops!!I bought many more-__-
 His name is GUID-kun.
 He is JACK-kun.
 Un-named lol
 and he is TRASHY.I always name his family haha

Anyway,this is his Metal band DEATH WORM.
They already released 1st album from major label.
I DO LOVE their style!!Thier stage is just amazing!!
It's not only serious heavy metal!!kinda HardCore/Thrash/Death.
And all of member is very very shy.polite,and kind you cant imagine^^;
I really hope they will be able to be famous!!xD


  1. cute animals!!! i love animals too..... I think I have the sames kind of snake!!!! X3

  2. oh thats kool!!i love not cute animals haha i had a snake before,too!!XD we share so many common interests hihi

  3. Anonymous8/4/11 07:15

    i love ur blooooog!:] keep posting more! lol the turtle and the car is so cuuute :P

  4. psong92 >>thanks^^i try to do my best!!so plz check my blog/FB^^just my eng is bad at all hahahha^^;